La fille sur le pont...

Hey I'm Ingrid, a 21 years old french girl! I'm obssessed with tv shows and movies! I'm an Harry potter and hunger games fan ! And I love tattoos !!

And the most important thing you must know about me : I believe in sherlock holmes! moriarty was real!

"I want to bring those who have wronged me to justice. And all those who have wronged me are right here. I will begin with Ser Gregor Clegane, who killed my sister’s children and then raped her with their blood still on his hands before killing her, too. I will be your champion.”

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[3/10] favorite movies

j’ai tué ma mère
We should be able to kill ourselves in our heads and then be reborn. To be able to talk, look at each other, be together as if we never met before. If my mother and I were strangers, I’m sure we’d get along.

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